Our Children

Our children



Babies are cared for in a clean, fresh wholesome environment
designed for maximum comfort and learning. They are given
loving, interactive and stimulating activities utilising
carefully selected play equipment. Our curriculum encourages
socialisation and language development as well as gross and fine
motor skills.

The Toddler Room is designed to accommodate the needs of a
child who is growing towards independence. The “Ball Pool,
where children can develop coordination and experience
different textures and colours; the “Story Time, where they
can sit and listen to stores in groups; Out Door Garden where
they can explore, and get messy while learning.




Two year olds are entering the world of change. Physical,
emotional and intellectual growth is at an all time high.
Ofsted said “Staff provide a well-resourced and enabling
environment that actively supports children to solve
problems, make choices in their play and lead their own

Pre-School (3-5 Years)


Our Goal is to offer a diverse range of activities specifically
aimed at gaining co-ordination, independence and an enthusiasm
for learning, developing social skills and self-confidence.


At Wonderland we believe in nurturing the WHOLE CHILD.
Children work at their own pace and are recognised for their
own individual achievements in all areas.

Ofsted found that the team at Wonderland “celebrate children’s
similarities and differences” and that we “help
children to learn about different cultures and ways of life”.

At approximately 3 years old the children move on to the
pre-school room where they will be encouraged to develop at
their own pace learning through play, exploration and
creativity. All in a safe space where they can explore their own
interests, which prepare children in the development of social
skills; sharing, co-operating, taking turns and positive
interaction with peers. It also provides them the freedom of
choice within a structured framework.


Children work individually and in groups and are introduced to a
stimulating range of interests which include; Nature, Art,
Cooking, Music, Story Time, Numbers, British Values,
Diversity, Alphabet sounds and much more.
At Wonderland we believe in nurturing the WHOLE