Learning is fun

Learning is fun

We believe that when learning is designed to be fun for the child then the greater the benefit is.

There are many activities that are both educational and fun, but as they are enjoyable for the children, they see them as exciting and new! At Wonderland Day Nursery, children learn through natural development, we simply direct them to something which will both stimulate and encourage them.

We encourage the children to socialise with their peers. At the start of each session at Wonderland Day Nursery we have ‘circle time’ when each child is encouraged to interact. This is also when we discuss the topic for the week. Other small group activities we have at Wonderland Day Nursery include cooking, craftwork, music and movement, and physical education.

After their group snack break, there is a period of time for free play.

We keep comprehensive records on each individual child and provide you with a written progress report on your child, to which you can add, at the end of each term.

Your child’s Key Person will also write an individual learning plan for your child each term.

We deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum in many ways:

Creative play

Outdoor exploration

Literacy skills


Numeracy skills

Physical education

Science and nature

Heuristic play

– independent exploration and investigation of real, found and natural resources and materials

Stories and mark making

– through paint, water, sand

Construction and small world play


Large and fine motor skills

Sensory experiences